Your Canal Boat, CIC is an events company that uses educational, recreational and cultural programming to connect Londoners with London’s beautiful canals. We provide boats, crew, canal boat expertise, grant-writing workshops and our own mini-grant program to individuals, charities, CICs and corporate entities.

London’s canals are a world class heritage resource, one of the city’s best kept secrets and a laboratory for sustainable solutions. Our mission is to put “more canal” in people’s lives. We regenerate overlooked spaces for commercial and artistic activities, and share best practices to preserve the canal experience and maximise its utility for pleasure, health, education and positive economic outcomes.

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London’s Regent Canal celebrates 200 years
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Grant-Writing Assistance: We will support other CICs, charities, for-profit corporations and individuals with grant-writing assistance in pursuit of funding to enable them to pursue their objectives and rent our boats and employ our pilots and guides.

Spoken Word Poets & Climate Change Researchers meet on Molly Anna

September 8th, 2022|

Bearded and still burly after triple bypass surgery, 60-year old Martin Sanderson walks with a bit of a stoop. His demeanor conveys authority. Government workers in agencies he formerly administered probably got busy when he walked into the room. People still listen when he speaks, from a microphone now, on a stage, delivering spoken word poems, increasingly on the subject of climate change.

Arrange for a free tour and discussion of how Your Canal Boat, CIC can help bring your canal ideas to life. Together, we can do some good.

ARTISTS & PRODUCERS! Please contact us regarding future canal-side concerts, designed in accordance with evolving standards of social distancing, as we collectively negotiate how to re-engage with the public in a post-Covid world.

Black and white photography courtesy of Chris Pintegne

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