Brigadoon! Floating village bringing magic to London canals

Music, theatre, historical walking tours… coming to a canal near you!

If the pandemic taught London’s performance industry anything, it’s that we need more outdoor venues. Our first floating open mic night introduced us to half a dozen new artists dying to perform. There are hundreds more like them, and that’s just musicians. Actors. Comedians. Brigadoon is for everyone … a canal-boat village with three stages that appears and disappears two weeks at a time across London all summer long.

Music, theatre, historical walking tours… every weekend features a mix of free and ticketed events for boating and non-boating audiences alike. Each paving the way for floating open mic night performance in a location that’s never seen it. We’ve already begun… with cosy rooftop concerts and performances as we circumnavigate the city, promoting our Crowdfunder, in anticipation of Brigadoon’s kickoff, with a flotilla of boats offering goods and services, popping up two weeks at a time, from Central London to Bulls Bridge where the Paddington Arm began 220 years ago.

There are great perks for those who donate. £500 gets you the boat for your own private party. £50 lets you crew as we change locations. £5 gets you a beer. Check it out and we’ll see you on the canal.

“Brigadoon of the South” where “if you find it, magical things can happen.”
– Sir Tony Robinson, Actor

Your Canal Boat yoga and music event poster with Brigadoon

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