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The resource page for prospective entrants to London’s first scientifically-informed poetry slam dedicated to climate change.

But first, why are we doing this?  

Two reasons, primarily:

  1. We want to turn down the temperature around climate change discussions. No one likes to be told what to do, what to drive, or what to eat.  But everyone likes to feel like they’ve learned something. We believe that verse and humour are gentle ways to reconnect people with basic science they were exposed to in secondary school, and which they can now use to better understand the climate crisis, allowing them to make more informed decisions and be more effective communicators with others; also
  2. Too many people (the audience for spoken word and rap) don’t see themselves as scientists.  By communicating in a language they understand, and telling the stories of chemists in a way that humanizes and demystifies their work, we can make science more inclusive, and lower the barriers to entry for the next generation upon whom our world counts so much.

Climate Slam rules

Rules for both competitive rounds are the same.  

  • Poems are limited to 3 minutes in length
  • All poems must reference an infographic, (with preference for the infographics which follow)
  • Entries will be judged separately on their poetic/lyrical quality as well as the quantity and quality of the science discussed.
  • History of climate science and the scientists themselves is as valid a topic as the nuts and bolts of the science itself.

Send your submissions (audio files preferably) to

Using the Science

Why use Infographics?

Dr. Robin Lamboll,  an Imperial College researcher and slam poet champion, recommends incorporating infographics into poetry presentations.  As he says “people are interested in facts.  They want to feel they’re making decisions on something other than the random thoughts of a poet.” 

Accordingly, we provide the following, with links to supplementary information to aid you in their interpretation.

Infographics and other resources from past workshops:

Contest guidelines

Contest entries must follow parameters described below.  Entrants should attend at least one workshop to familiarize themselves with contest criteria (which will be made available on line for those who can not attend in person).  Workshops are designed to help poets create scientifically robust work, and reflect what program sponsors hope winning poems will reflect: fresh understanding of how science explains climate change and provides a basis for evaluating society’s response.

  • Poems must reference an infographic that conveys essential scientific information relevant to climate change and/or the stories of the scientists behind them (contestants are encouraged to use infographics provided in the workshops and reproduced here, but alternatively, can supply their own). See examples, here, here and here from Workshops l & II.
  • Poems are limited to 3 minutes in length, with points deducted for exceeding the limit.
  • Contest judges include poets and scientists who award points from 1-10 on poetic and scientific criteria equally.

Send your submissions

Please send your submissions (audio files preferably) to


Nathan Higham_Pagani Award Winner 2023

More details coming soon.

Directions & Contact information

Workshops and qualifying 8 December climate slam are at Merchant Brewers tap “Here East” campus, a 10-minute walk from the Hackney Wick overground station.  Please bring ID in order to sign in at the desk.

Contact information

You are invited to call Eric Ellman should you require further assistance with directions: / 07500753673.

Hackney wick map