The Floatin’ Mic … at Kings Cross


Since pre-Elizabethan times, musicians and performers have come to London to sing for their supper.  And for just as long, authorities have struggled to regulate them.  Public Space Protection Ordinances create restrictions which police can arbitrarily enforce.  The logistics are challenging.  All your equipment has to be transported, weather is unpredictable and the audience

Climate Slam Champion Nathan Higham, Friday, 10 March at Poets Palace! SE19 3AN

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Nathan Higham, a 28-year old theatre maker from Kent, and 30-year old Casey Breeden, a Spanish language teacher from Southeast London are two of London’s brightest performers on the spoken word scene. They’re presenting in Crystal Palace Friday, after meeting through poetry workshops on climate change sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and

Tahera Hanif (“TJ”)


Tahera Hanif (TJ) is a fashion designer and community activist who grew up in Alperton next to the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal. She is one of the Founders of a registered charity that helps people with civil litigation. Tahera has long advocated for canal improvements on behalf of people who live

Spoken Word Poets & Climate Change Researchers meet on Molly Anna


Bearded and still burly after triple bypass surgery, 60-year old Martin Sanderson walks with a bit of a stoop. His demeanor conveys authority. Government workers in agencies he formerly administered probably got busy when he walked into the room. People still listen when he speaks, from a microphone now, on a stage, delivering spoken word poems, increasingly on the subject of climate change.

How we got here…


In 1761 Francis Egerton, the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, built England’s first modern canal, revolutionising transport, and triggering an investment boom that transformed the nation. Two and a half centuries later his innovation reverberates in the form of 2000 miles of canals and towpaths...

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